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Customer Service Department  

February 11, 2009




February 11, 2009

Customer Service Department

Planet Mobility, Inc.
14986 Technology Drive
Shelby Twp., MI 48315

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your request for a testimonial about the Lexis Light Scooter. I am pleased to share this with you.

I purchased a Lexis Light Scooter about a year ago. I have been very happy with the scooter and the positive effects it has had for me.

The scooter helps me considerably when I ride it on daily activities – in around stores, to card playing dates, to lunch with my grade school friends, and to guitar lessons.

I’m occasionally forced to park a distance from the entrance from the senior citizens room where we play cards. I can’t walk long distances because of an arthritic hip and shortness of breath and the scooter helps me remain active. The scooter easily folds up to be stored in the trunk of my car. I can have it with me wherever I go, so that if it is needed, it is there.

I have children in Chicago, Fairfax Va. and Denver, Co., whom we see each year. They like to visit landmarks and historic sites. Without the Lexis Light Scooter, I simply couldn’t do it. For example, last summer, on a trip to Washington DC, we took a walk through the World War II memorial. I rode the scooter and was able to fully enjoy the visit with my family.

Let me tell a quick story: We took an airplane flight to visit to my daughter and her family in Virginia. I was able to ride the scooter throughout the airport – past the TSA security checkpoint and right up to the plane door at the bottom of the jetway. At that point, a baggage service agent came up the stairs and carried the scooter to be stored in the baggage compartment for the flight. He disconnected the battery from the scooter and handed it to me. I carried the battery into the cabin of the plane, where we were confronted with a dilemma – the terminals of the battery had to be covered. A quick-thinking flight attendant came to the rescue by taping over the battery with band-aids: problem solved! 

Thank you for making a very fine product. Aleve doesn’t always work, but this scooter does!

Best regards,

Walter W. Werner


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