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Kathleen Funke
340 Illinois Drive
Rantoul, IL 61866

January 22, 2007

Customer Service Department
Planet Mobility Inc.
14986 Technology Dr
Shelby Twp MI 48315

Re: Letter from Planet Mobility 1/13/2007
I Kathleen Funke

To Whom It May Concern:

I brought the (two) Lexis Light Scooter for my husband and I. We both love the scooter. We had a regular handicap scooter with a lift but we are elderly and it was hard for us to operate the lift and scooter. It was very heavy and bulky and took up a lot of room in our vehicle.

The Lexis Light is a breeze to handle. I recommend if you are handicap this is a valuable tool. The scooter is lightweight, comes apart easily and would fit in my trunk. The only thing we noticed between the heavier scooter and the Lexis Light was the Lexis Light is Slower on grass, which is not a problem for us.


Kathleen Funke




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